HARJU ELEKTER Lithuania factory area is 17'317m²

MultiDrive Systems


Special equipment that provides control of the AC motors by changing the frequency and magnitude of constant grid voltage to variable load voltage.


Power Distribution, MCC Systems


Specific equipment that provides overload protection as well as short circuit protection in industrial, commercial, and utility installations.


Process Automation Cabinets


Equipment that is cost-effective and safely supplies adequate electric service to both present and future loads.


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faster lead times

We've developed and exploited ways to significantly shorten product lead times to the global market. This ensures that our lead time offers are significantly better than what most customers
are expecting.


With DBR scheduling and control mechanism, full set of ISO and the JIT/Lean/TOC concepts implemented in the operations, our due-date promises are remarkably reliable, (when all other parameters remain the same).

top quality

We're always supervising and analyzing the qualitative indicators of manufactured products as well as continually improving the established quality standards to better satisfy your needs and expectations.

customer commitment

In our partnership, all potential issues are identified and solved by putting ourselves in your shoes. We build commitment through thorough planning and we report the orders to you in complete transparency.

You can expect from HARJU ELEKTER UAB


In the Engineer-To-Order (ETO) environment we produce customer-specific products that often require unique engineering or design work, or significant customization activities. Typically, a huge variety of parts must be managed and delivered by a number of third parties. As ETO products are well-tailored, they are often built from difficult-to-source parts, expensive parts and highly engineered components. Acquiring the necessary components can be both a time-consuming and costly endeavor causing issues before and during production runs.


Working in the Make-To-Order (MTO) environment our consumers purchase products that are customized to their specifications. We start manufacturing the end-product as soon as the customer places the order. Some of the required components are stocked; whereas more expensive or highly customized parts may need to be produced. Although this can create an additional wait time for the consumer to receive the product, it allows for more flexible customization when compared to purchasing the product from retailers’ shelves.


When building an Assemble-To-Order (ATO) product we use some sub-assemblies already built, stocked and ready-to-assemble based on the customers’ requirements. Once an order is received, final assembly begins and the product is delivered with the appropriate specifications. A key advantage to an ATO approach is that minimal inventory is required so the final product can be delivered quickly.